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Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy in Casper, WY

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The Balance of Nature and Science with Extraordinary Benefits!

Balanced hormones are essential for good health and disease prevention as we age. BHRT optimizes hormone levels with tiny pellets just under the skin.

Hormone pellets release all-natural, bio-identical estrogen and/or testosterone which is metabolized consistently into the body as needed.

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What is Hormone Pellet Therapy?

As men and women age, hormone levels – testosterone, estrogen and others – naturally decline. However, hormone imbalance may happen to people as early as their 20s and beyond, due to the vast amount of toxins that enter the body from the environment, chemicals we consume in everyday products and toxic, stressful relationships.

The EvexiPEL method of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) with pellets provides a superior approach to optimize hormones and address health conditions and symptoms associated with unbalanced hormones in women and men.

A natural alternative to synthetic hormone replacement therapies, subcutaneous bio-identical hormone replacement therapy utilizes bio-identical hormones derived of natural, plant-based substances. Unlike synthetic hormones, the structure of the bio-identical hormone – testosterone, estrogen or both – most closely matches each individual patient’s needs.

Since they are derived from nature, plant-based hormones metabolize in the body, just the way nature intended.

Mass-produced, synthetic hormones are composed of either horse urine or artificially formulated (synthetic) hormones in a lab. Manufacturers INTENTIONALLY create synthetic hormones that are slightly different than natural human hormones in order to patent those formulations.

Bottom Line - What does the B.H.R.T. Cost?

Call or stop by our office to discuss complete pricing for this procedure. Please note, we do not bill insurance for BHRT treatments. All prices for BHRT procedures and related treatments are out of pocket cost due at time of service. If you have any questions about pricing, our staff would be happy to answer them for you!