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At JVD we understand that a healthy appearance is important to your overall health. We offer a wide range of cosmetic treatments to rejuvinate your look. Take a moment to see all of the options available here at Jordan Valley Dermatology.

Facial Aging – What Happens?

Many factors contribute to aging skin. They include sun exposure, lifestyle, gravity and time. Visible changes of facial aging include lines, wrinkles, cheek droop, hooding of the upper eye lid, sagging neck and jowl formation.  The facial aging process begins with changes on the surface of the skin and below, and not only includes the skin, but the fat, muscle and bone.

Having the right amount of fat in all the right places creates a youthful look.  As we age, there is a redistribution, accumulation and atrophy of fat that can lead to facial volume loss.  The forehead and cheeks are areas that lose fat while the mouth and jowl tend to gain fat.

Significant bone loss also occurs with age which may be due to bone expansion and resorption.  Bone resorption leads to volume loss.  Bone provides necessary structural support, and without it, there will be visible changes in the soft tissue and skin.

Aging also brings a significant reduction in collagen and the skin becomes thinner, dryer, and less elastic. Age related collagen loss weakens your skin’s inner structure, reducing its ability to maintain elasticity and moisture.  Underlying changes that occur include the decline in collagen production, weakened collagen fibers and the loss of elasticity.

The loss of collagen is a key factor in the aging process.