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Myth #1: Acne is caused by eating chocolate and greasy foods. 

Fact #1:Acne has many causes and is not attributed to dietary choices.

Myth #2: Pimples should be picked or squeezed.

Fact #2: Picking and squeezing leads to more scarring, so dermatologists generally recommend against this practice.

Myth #3: Anti-wrinkle creams are the best preventive measure against aging skin. 

Fact #3: Sunscreen and sun protection are more fundamental and more effective at delaying the onset of aging of the skin. Too much sun exposure leads to premature aging of the skin. We have information on wrinkle care here.

Myth #4: If you are beginning to feel that you are looking older, major surgery or a face lift is the main thing to help you look younger. 

Fact #4: Although face lifts are sometimes indicated, other less invasive treatments such as Botox injections, BTL treatments, filler treatments such as Sculptra and intense pulsed light treatments can go a long way toward giving your skin a younger appearance.

Myth #5: Dermatology services are expensive and not covered by insurance. 

Fact #5: Dermatologists are specialists in diseases of the skin, hair and nails. Some elective procedures may not be covered by insurance but are moderately priced. Please contact your insurance agency to see which procedures are covered by your plan.

Myth #6: Getting older means feeling constantly tired and generally "sick"

Fact #6: Getting older does not mean you have to feel poorly. Options such as BioTE can help you to age in a more healthy way.