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“Boost the collagen in your skin and you will turn back the hands of time!”

This is a promise that so many advertisers make. Usually it is used to promote various creams and potions.  To truly reverse the signs of aging is a difficult process. It is not enough to expect that a cream will do the job if the body is lacking the building blocks to remake the lost collagen. Your body needs the proper tools to regenerate collagen to therefore look and feel younger.

So how do we give the body what it needs to amplify collagen regrowth?

A study conducted by M.Brincat, PhD1 looked at postmenopausal women who received 4 different regimens of estrogen replacement therapy.  The groups had baseline collagen measured by using a 3mm punch to test the skin on their thighs.  Each group was started on one of four different therapies. 

  • Estrogen gel .5 mg.
  • Estrogen 50 mg. administered as a subcutaneous pellet 
  • 50 mg subcutaneous Estrogen pellet paired with a 100 mg testosterone pellet
  • 100 mg estrogen pellet

These treatments were administered for the next six months. Additional skin sampling was done again after 3 and 6 months of therapy. 

What were the results?

The two groups that did well were the 50 mg Estrogen subcutaneous pellet as well as the 50 mg Estrogen subcutaneous pellet paired with the 100 mg testosterone subcutaneous pellet.  It should be noted that neither the gel nor the very high dose of estrogen gave an increase in collagen.

So what does that mean for me as the patient?

When interpreting these results and drawing our conclusion, we can easily see that it is important to have your hormones at an optimal level to increase and maintain good collagen levels. Our goal is to maintain a more youthful look by maintaining and increasing the health of your skin. Estrogen and Testosterone have a direct impact on our collagen, which is the protein responsible for the structure of our skin.

Are hormones the only answers for anti-aging?

No they are not. If you then choose to do the other therapies like fillers, laser treatments and BTL treatments you will potentially see greater benefits for your money spent on other anti-aging treatments when you hormones are optimized.


1M.Brincat, PhD, MRCOG, E.Versi, MRCOG, et al:  Skin Collagen Changes in Postmenopausal Women recieving different regimens of estrogen therapy.  Obstetrics and Gynecology 70:1, 1987.